5 simple tipps to overcome your fears

1.Evaluate the situation

Ask yourself if it‘s serious or you exaggerate.
If you are not sure about that ask your friends or family to do it.


If you are afraid of something you tend to breath way to fast and hectic which will only make it worse.
The moment you notice that you are starting to breathe fast and hectic, remind yourself to breath slowly, calm and relaxed.
You will feel that you calm down, that you can think normal again and that most of your fear disappears.

3.Write it down

When you write down your fears you will take away their power over you. If you have them written somewhere it will be easier for you to not always have them in your mind. So get yourself a pen and paper and start!

4.Talk about your fears

It’s almost the same as if you were writing them down but it could be more relieving to talk about your fear with people you trust. Just let it out and you will feel a lot better.

5.Get out of your comfort zone and just do it

If you are afraid of doing something just do it.
You are just making it worse if you don’t do it, you will think you are not good enough and all the thinking about it will destroy you.
You can start little and slowly go up.
For example: You are afraid of social contact, you can’t talk with (random) people etc.
Start with talking to yourself in the mirror, then meet with people once a week and increase your contact with people…

Don’t forget: The more you you try to avoid something the more fear will you have to do it. But usually the things you are worried about aren’t as bad as we think. There are people who are in way more difficult situations than you are.
In addition to that you are awesome so JUST DO IT!

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