Cold Showers changed my life

That’s right,
A few months ago I watched a video on YouTube that was on my recommended by a guy named Aaron Jones.
He made a video about how much benefits one month of taking cold showers had for him.
He almost documented every single day of that month in 10 minutes which was really cool to see. Before the shower he always didn’t want to hop in the shower but after doing it he seemed so much more motivated and energetic. I always want to get better so I thought why not trying it. When I went in the shower I showered in normal temperature, then I put it to the coldest it can get, counted to 3 and continued my shower for about 45 seconds. Then I put it back to normal and just continued my shower. For the first few seconds it was just so cold and your breath gets faster and deeper but after that you just feel amazing. I don’t really know what it is but you feel so much more energetic and… like you can do anything.
Of course there is this reaction that happens with your body when you shower cold which I don’t really know much about. But I think the incredible feeling it gives you comes from you doing something you didn’t want to do, you defeated your weaker self and that feels right and good.
I’ve been doing this ritual for the last few months and I’m actually feeling better and haven’t been sick since then although I’m the type of guy to easily get sick.
So before I continue to write about the benefits of doing cold showers I want you to do it TODAY and experience it yourself!

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