How to solve problems very easily

Today I have an interesting concept for you that will make it way easier to solve any problem you have.
I got this concept from a book in which the author writes that his father always used to tell him that he just couldn’t afford buying certain things.
Another man which the author looked up to however always asked HOW he could afford certain things and that’s exactly what you should do.
Let’s say you have to get a very hard project done. Many people would just tell themselves that they couldn’t do it anyway and this is definitely the wrong way to approach this.
If you think about how and not if you can do it you will be more motivated and creative in terms of solving the problem.
„Think positive“ is what people say and it’s actually also very helpful not only in this case but always! You don’t believe me? Fine, then just try to be positive for one week and I promise you to be happier and more productive.
Stop focusing on the problem and start to focus on the solution because otherwise it’s wasted time because it won’t get you closer to finding the solution.
I hope you get what I’m trying to say, just try this concept and it will change not only the way you are working but your whole life.

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